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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:38 am    Post subject: PAMPUKIIIN SHIIIZAAAZUUU Reply with quote

Pumpkin Scissors ended. ;_____;

It had a pretty good ending. A bit too open ended (there were alot of unsolved conflicts amongst other things), but I thought it was substantial. I was somewhat dissapointed that it got only 24 episodes-considering all the shitty anime this season got 26-but elongating it would've just made the transition into the end akward.

As for my general opinion of the series, I thought it was fantastic. Unlike most of the Super Soldier anime out there, it handled the human aspect very well. Also unlike most of the Super Soldier anime, this was interesting. It wasn't just purely OHMYGODKILLINGMACHINE, the focus on the struggles between The Military, Commoners and Nobles was what made this thing gleam like a pearl amidst cheap diamonds. Much like a pearl amidst diamonds, however... it's seemed to have gone ignored by alot of people- MOSTLY YOU KANON AND CODE GEASS FAGGOTS. OOOOH I SAID IT WHAT NOW.

Aaanyway, GONZO did the animation, so it was excellent- albeit incredibly varied in quality from episode to episode, but when Randel goes all TOTEN SIE SIE on someone's ass, the animation was just plain AWESOME.


You see? Very Happy

The soundtrack was pretty good: composed by Kou Ootani (Shadow of Colossus), so it was great background music, but..when you actually sit down and listen to the soundtracks, only a few tracks really stand out (Example of a track that really stood out: Toten Sie Sie). The same held for the Shadow of Colossus soundtrack, so there's not much surprise in that.

The characters were very cool. I didn't really care too much about Alice at first, but when I looked beyond her haircut she was actually a really awesome character- Towards the final stretch of the series, I really started to respect her. She wasn't just a noble who wanted to be a commoner (ala the Princess wanting to be a Soldier cuz she hates responsibility ohmigooooohhhd), she was someone who truly believed in Justice and Equality amongst people, regarless of social status. Randel was cute and nervous-it was adorable..Of course, he was a killing machine but whatever. Neutral Machs and Oreld...I love how Gonzo always makes the two "other guys" completely gay but not really but maybe. Ha-ha.

Anyyyway, In closing- if you haven't seen this series, grab a batch torrent when it's released. Not even fucking kidding, just do it. I don't care if War Anime aren't your thing, Pumpkin Scissors was great regardless. ALSO, IT'S FUNNY TO HEAR JAPANESE PEOPLE SPEAK GERMAN. IT JUST IS.
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