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The Story of Y

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:20 pm    Post subject: The Story of Y Reply with quote

The Story of Y

Y is quite a curious thing,
It can be a vowel, consonant,
Or a variable for a math equation,
But few know the story of Y.

So it began,
Back in 1455,
When Y was born,
From mother I and father W.

But something wasn’t right,
With their little letter,
It was a hermaphrodite letter,
Which explains why,
It can be a consonant or a vowel.

Now father was mad,
And he yelled at the doctors,
Who were P, H, and D.

So he yelled,
“What happened
to my little Y?!
It’s not a consonant
or even a vowel.”

“We don’t know,”
answered P,
“what happened.
It’s the first time
we ever saw this.”

So little Y had many troubles,
It was picked on by many letters,
For not being one or the other,
Y’s father never liked it either,
Always regretting he had a letter.

Y in the word world,
Wasn’t doing so well,
Y was only called on,
To substitute for some vowel,
Never for a word of its own.

Till its chance finally came,
A few years later,
When there was a word needed,
An antonyms of the word “No,”
That’s when they chose “Yes.”

With this new word,
Y started to become quite popular,
New words were being made,
Such as yellow, yell, yard,
And even yawl.

Y was then asked to join the math community,
An honor granted to few,
The ones before him being X and Z,
Also two unpopular letters,
Y soon became good friends with both.

His fame also spread to the science community,
Where he is known with his good friend X,
He is representation of what makes a man,
That of a single Y chromosome.

More recently,
Y has been given a word,
That sounds like its name,
Along with appearing in it
Something granted only to U, A,
And his mom I.

Now you know the story,
Of a letter that was hated,
And was considered a freak,
But now he’s accepted,
And has many honors.

So take this story to heart,
And tell your little vowels and consonants,
The story of Y,
One many have forgot.


Okay, this is my first poem up here. I have many more, but I didn't want to put more than one up today. So I decided to go with a recent one I've done that many like. Hope you enjoy. Also, if you want to check out more of my stuff, you can check it out here. I'll be putting up more soon.
Website for my resume, demos, and samples: here. Subscribe to my podcast SnakeYukin's Voice Show. Website for my writing here (original) and here (fanfiction).
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