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Castle RP! (Cartoony violence/abuse. general fun inside!)

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:54 am    Post subject: Castle RP! (Cartoony violence/abuse. general fun inside!) Reply with quote

Oh boy... where to start. This is my pride and joy, the RP I am most often looking for, and... gimme a good one of these and I will fucking love you forever. I'll do my best to explain castle RP here. Castle RP is a cross between a sadistic abuse RP, a dungeon crawling video game, and a light-hearted cartoony feel. The best way to kind of... make sense of that is to say this. Everyone knows goombas, right? Those little mushroom enemies that have been in mario games forever? Well let's say you're not content with just jumping on their head in a video game. Let's say you want to hit 'em with a fireball and watch 'em run around squealing for a while, then put a boot in their ass and knock them into a target area where they'd be electrocuted until they poof away and leave coins! That's kinda the overall gist of why this RP was developed. I'm looking for people to play various things to be abused in creative, hilarious, but still sadistic ways.


I'm glad you asked! Time for mechanics. So it's a very basic plot, since all it is is a means to an end, abusing things. Before the RP is started, and before each room, I'll suggest an enemy idea. I have a wide variety from all sorts of source materials, so I can appeal to most tastes. I'll provide you with a picture or video for any enemies you haven't heard of (Unless it's some sort of new species idea that I came up with myself) and a general personality idea. If you like the idea and are up to playing it, we'll move on to actually getting into the RP. If you don't like the idea, I'll keep suggesting til we find something we both like. Once an idea is decided, I'll enter the room. At this point it's up to you to give a room description, which can be as bland or as interesting as you feel like making it. Anything from just a pale, empty castle room, to bright colorful gardens, playhouses, innards of a volcano... you can do anything! If you want to include traps to knock the enemies into like garbage cans, electrified targets or signs, springs to bounce them off of... be my guest! Creativity is welcomed in the room design. You'll also, obviously, be in charge of playing the enemies themselves, and at the time of room entry, will have to post whatever they're doing, and make a general entrance post for them. Then it's just a matter of me coming up with hilarious ways to abuse them, and you handling their reactions! (Note: I like the enemies to be pretty vocal when they're taking the abuse. This isn't everyone's style so I'm just putting this here to help you determine if we're compatible. I love hearing lots of "OWWIE! WAHHHHHHHH! YOU'RE HURTING ME! MOMMY!" etc etc etc.) When we decide enough abuse has incurred, they'll poof away in a cloud of dust, leaving behind a key, and we'll move on to the next room.

OPTIONAL! If you enjoy playing a lot of characters simultaneously, or at least, more than one, some enemies may be spared, or resurrected, to join in a travel party going up the tower!

Enemy Ideas and Source Materials:

This will be a constantly updating list of different enemy ideas I have used, or want to use in castle RPs, along with as many different source materials I can think of that are used in the RP. Currently, the source materials list is: Yugioh, Pokemon, Digimon, Mario, Zelda, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, Voodoo Vince, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, talking animals, mythology, Spyro , Krypto the Superdog, Land Before Time, Phoenix Wright, Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat, Chuzzle, Neopets, Subeta, Danny phantom, american dragon jake long, Kung Fu Panda, Happy Tree Friends, Kirby, sonic, HTTYD, Alvin and the Chipmunks cave story luigi’s mansion, My Little Pony, Hatoful Boyfriend, Redwall

Here are several enemy ideas that I love to use (More to be added soon):

http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=�ion=&global=1&q=little+lucario#/d1kq9nh how about this little cutie? He'll be a bit different from the others in that his 'HP' is kind of based on his emotions. the goal is going to be to get him crying, like full out bawling, and at that point, the final hit for his poofing can be applied. He has the personality of your standard six year old, but because there are like, pro pokemon battlers in his family, he can take more damage without just instantly caving like a normal six year old would, so each step getting him closer to that point is a big accomplishment "His lip started to tremble!" "He whimpered!" Whatever, etc etc. he also has the element of cute on his side so it's kind of a mental battle, where I have to force myself to keep going even when the emotional factor is really played up and I'm feeling bad for doing it, lol. so your goal in playing him is to try to be as cute as possible, and when he starts to break, his defense is trying to make me feel bad about it lol ]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1mg82uwYaY well, I tried to do this once before, but it wound up being kind of boring, and it was suggested that maybe the problem was the gators are immobile and just standing there, so what I'm thinking is maybe this room is a small boxed room, with nothing but a locked door and an open window, which allows one to peek into the actual first 'room' where both a herd of gators, and a herd of fairies are running loose. Obviously, the gator pups want to eat the fairies. It would be rather obvious that the pups are close to poofing from starvation, as they'd be complaining about how hungry they are the whole time [though as far as physically, they're still acting as if they're at full health, able to jump and try to eat the fairies and stuff] and inside the room, there could be a big glass box, which is locked at first, but by shooting a button, I can make it open, so the fairies can flee there to get away from the pups. Then the responsibility becomes keeping the pups off of the fairies as they make their way to the glass box, so, just like in what I linked, I have to protect the fairies by shooting the gators. When the gator is shot, it yelps and falls over for a few seconds before becoming active again. Once all the fairies are safe, all the gators whine out "AWWWW!" and fall over and poof XD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvttf0_WOvs 1:12 and 2:52 in that vid, arcanine and Mew, respectively.

Arcanine personality from above link: I think she should be like a standared bratty elementary school bully. like she burrows up, shoves me over and is then all "NYAH NYAH YOU CAN'T HURT ME RUFF!" and starts burrowing around the room. then, I'll eat a berry to gain some psychic powers, and slide a wall of energy in front of her while she's burrowing, causing her to smack it and put her head above ground, all dizzy and such, then I can give her a big hit which counts as an 'official' hit. I think we should say she starts at like 12 years old, and each hit drops her age by one year. once she drops to around 6, I can actually hear her clearly when she's burrowing around like "YIP YIP YIP DON'T HUWT ME I DON'T WANNA POOF" or something, and I plan to finish her at 3 years old [you can have her flash red like game bosses often do on the final hit if you want. Also, if you can't tell from the speech examples, i like her to have a speech gimmick where she incorporates dog sounds into how she talks, actually saying "Ruff, arf, grr, yip/yipe, etc" depending on the situation, like a little girl pretending to be a dog x3 since she's part canine and all.

Mew Personality: so like I figure she's about ten years old, and a real sweet, cute, snuggly cuddlebug. for a gimmick she can be like the tutorial cuz every videogame has a tutorial. she floats down from the roof and explains about poofing enemies to get keys to move on and stuff, then when she's done I'll be like, "Well you're the only one here so I guess you're my first victim" and she'll get all scared and whimper-y. then, when fighting her, I think it'd be funny for each hit to take a year off her age, make her get younger. then, when she hits 3 years old, I have an epic finisher planned XD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkOU6Umw7ig This one strikes me as very playful. He just happens to be so big that 'playing' is dangerous! He wants to play tag... but all he'll get is PAIN :3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhGHSzs8xwc Giant tantruming toddler? :3 sounds like a great time!

A giant cub of some sort would be a fun enemy, have them shrink down with each hit til they're normal cub size XD. like maybe a giant shinx or something

another pretty creative idea I have is with a particularly bratty, arrogant enemy... maybe the attacks on them could be purely emotional, trying to break down their self esteem and degrade them... and the emotional attacks could have a physical effect. Like a 'light' hit that doesn't do much could just have an invisible force bap them gently on the nose like punishing a puppy, but a really powerful one would have said force levitate them in the air, forcefully bend them over, and send them flying across the room XD

basically we could have a bunch of small, young enemies. Fox/wolf/coyote pups work well, smaller pokemon.... just, small things, and a room which is made of dirt with a 4x4 grid of holes. The enemies range in personality from Shy to uber cute to playful... and they take turns hopping out of the holes, peeking up and saying things like:

Normal: "Hi, I'm ______ good to meet you!"
Playful: "Pway with me!"
Shy: Um... h-hi... please don't huwt me..."
Antagonistic: "TOO SLOW!"
Just-plain-cute: *snuggling my ankles/pants legs*

Just as examples. When they pop out, I can attack them however I want, and they'll say cute little things like "OWWIE!, EEP! HEY THAT'S NOT NICE! I'M NOT HAVING FUUUUUN!" or whatever, and go flying, then get stuck headfirst in the holes, flailing around and crying and whimpering and whatever. Once the holes are full I can go around to each one with a spanking paddle and clear them out. We could do this once, or have multiple waves, depending on how fast it gets boring

Alternate Forms of Castle RP

some of the general themes of Castle can be kept, while doing the RP differently. There could be a more open world type experience, where there's some sort of overarching plot, and abuse is just tacked in, with random encounters with different things which get abused and poofed, or it could be an RP where like, all our chars live together in a central hub, and socialize, and we have a normal RP, but abuse is something I go do for fun so every now and then I (and maybe one of your chars if they're interested) leave the central hub to go look for victims, beat 'em up, poof 'em and come back.

If you like this idea, feel free to PM me. I'd prefer to do this RP on an IM of some sort like skype or MSN if possible, but doing it over PMs is also a plausible option
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