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New Naruto RP

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:18 pm    Post subject: New Naruto RP Reply with quote

((OOC: Please ask before joining!))

The village was relaxed these days. The new era of peace had a wide embrace, welcoming all who would, in turn, embrace it. There were always warmongers and malcontents, but their presence was felt but little. The current Kage rivaled or surpassed their predecessors for power, and each came forward with peace first and foremost.

The new era wasn't welcomed by everyone, though it mattered but little- the power of the Shadows could quash any major uprising, and their children were certainly formidable. Some of the old guard reveled in this; some were reviled by it.

It was rare to see a Happuri these days, and equally rare to see a perpetually sour expression, but one shinobi wore both, not troubling to disguise his feelings.

This time...this era...it's a fools peace he thought bitterly. A young couple walked arm in arm by him. His outward scowl didn't change, but his inner scowl deepened. What right do they have to be happy? They've never had to work for it. This place...it's become what it's going to be. The changing of the guard happened in that last battle. So quick to trust; these children...

The shinobi in question, Yuji Itou, was surprised by the thought. When had he become old enough to think something like that?

He answered himself: When he became old enough to consider Kinjutsu of the highest order to slake his thirst for a kindred spirit. He'd spent too long pining for an unavailable woman and, he wondered, respecting the wrong teacher. Lord Third had been a nice man and certainly a genius...but had he been correct?

The older Yuji got, the more he thought not. He'd loved the Third like a grandfather, and to his mind would always respect him. But in the last battle, for a short amount of time, he'd gotten to see legends with his own eyes. Of them, Second Hokage Tobirama Senju had made the strongest impression.

Am I really going to do this? He wondered, nervously fingering the Summoning Scroll. Am I this desperate for validation? ...If I wasn't, I wouldn't have gone this far. The old me wouldn't have even considered it; but the old me isn't necessary anymore. I was useless in that battle; the most important battle...maybe the last battle. I have to try!

In his determination, Yuji had nearly forgotten to check his mental compass. He was too near a part of the village that made his blood boil in irritation. He didn't want to run into her, or her husband.

I'm no match for him anyway. Not that I'd back down.

No, the best place for this was a place where few people would go. The old library, which lay half-buried in a far corner of the village- that would do. It hadn't been rebuilt after the way, and all the texts of worth were removed. It was a good place to do what he was planning.

Before he finished, Yuji stopped for a moment and took in the village. It was becoming more and more modern all the time. It had forgotten where it had come from. Not that Yuji was terribly old, but old enough to remember when things were better. Before the current Hokage and his ridiculous strength. Before it took only 5 people to retain a balance of power. The Kage had been the cornerstones; that had always been true. But this current generation and their retainers, particularly the Hokage...they were unrivaled.

It worried Yuji. Either he had no place, or he was right and they were in trouble. Either way, this Kinjutsu would help...
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