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Q: What "Media" should I select?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 7:18 pm    Post subject: Q: What "Media" should I select? Reply with quote

What do I specify for the "Media" option on the submissions page?

Here's a quick guide to the Media option box (as of September 2007) on the submissions page:

Traditional Media -- Artwork created by hand, with no computer assistance beyond scanning, resizing, exposure adjustment or cropping.

  • Drawings -- Artwork created using pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, or other dry-blending (and usually transparent) media as described below.

    • Charcoal

    • Colored Pencil / Crayon -- also including conté crayon.

    • Ink / Markers -- Inked lineart, shading using color markers, or so on.

    • Graphite / Pencils -- Sketches and drawings using plain, ordinary, non colored pencil.

    • Other Drawing -- Other drawings created through a media type (or combination of media) that is not listed separately. This option is NOT intended for digital art.

  • Paintings -- Artwork created using brushes and wet media, i.e. paint.

    • Airbrush

    • Acrylics

    • Oils

    • Watercolor

    • Other Painting -- Other types of paint (or a combination of) which are not described using the above options. This option is NOT intended for digital paintings.

  • Crafts / Physical Art -- Art pieces created using crafts, such as sculpture.

    • Plushies -- Dollmaking

    • Sculpture -- Includes carvings

    • Other Crafts -- Other types of craft items. Textiles, etchings, and so forth.

Digital Media (CG) -- Artwork created primarily through computer programs. This includes pure digital composition as well as traditional artwork with significant computer modification (such as digital inking or coloring of a traditional-media sketch).

  • 3D Modelling -- Computer art created as a 3-D shape or wireframe model and rendered from a specific perspective using a 3D program, such as pieces created using 3D Studio Max or Bryce.

  • Oekaki -- Computer drawings created using oekaki applets such as Shii BBS or Paint BBS, or other programs featuring basic layer and transparency/alphablending functions (but not supporting advanced features like blurring or gradients).

  • Digital Drawing or Painting -- Computer drawings created using Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, or the GIMP, programs which feature a full array of tools and features such as blurring, gradients, complex layers and selections, customizable brushes and so on.

  • MS Paint -- Computer drawings created through the use of MS Paint or other drawing programs lacking layers or transparency/alphablending functions. In other words, these programs offer very few tools beyond pencil, line/curve/shape, bucket fill, rectangular select and copy+paste.

  • Pixel Art -- Computer drawings that adhere to the practices of Pixel Art, meaning that they were created on a pixel-by-pixel basis using only the pencil/line and (occasionally) bucket-fill tools, and usually from high magnification (e.g. 4x~8x). Pixel Art is often (but not necessarily) created using MS Paint, and does NOT utilize any "automatic" functions such as layers, alphablending, blurring or filtering.

  • Other CG -- Other computer drawing techniques which do not fall into any of the above categories.

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