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Q: Voting System

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:19 pm    Post subject: Q: Voting System Reply with quote

This is a fork from the Announcements topic to explain how FAC's voting system works.

When you are logged in and view a picture, you will see a pair of smileys underneath a picture, which allows you to rate the piece as "good" or "bad".

Voting options also appear on the comment form when viewing a picture, allowing you to vote and comment at the same time.

The goal of this system is simple: To sort out higher-quality submissions so that they are easier for interested users to find. When you select the "Best Rated" option from a gallery listing, the pictures will be sorted in order of decreasing overall votes.

Now to answer a few voting-related questions:

  • Who is allowed to vote on a submission?
    All registered FAC users are allowed to cast votes on a submission.

  • How should I choose my vote?
    A good rule of thumb is to compare the quality of the work to your own skill level. E.g., a positive vote indicating that the piece is better than what you can produce, and a negative vote indicating that you could do something better than it.

  • If I casted the wrong vote once, can I go back and vote again?
    Sorry, no. Only the first vote you cast on a picture will be recorded. Any additional votes by you on a given piece will be ignored.

  • I can't vote on my own works, can I?
    Actually, yes, you may cast one vote on your own submissions if you want to. This is generally not a big deal.

  • Will a user be told which vote I gave them?
    No, individual votes are kept private. The user will not be informed that you have voted on their submission, nor told what the vote was. Therefore, regardless of how you vote on a piece, you do not have to worry about upsetting the person's feelings by casting a vote.

  • Can I see the total voting results for one of my submissions?
    Sorry, no. All votes are kept private, but you can get a rough idea of how well-voted one of your submissions is simply by selecting the "Best Rated" sorting option while viewing your gallery and comparing how close to the top of the list it appears.

  • Is there anyone able to see the total voting results on a picture?
    FAC site staff members are able to see the total voting results on a picture. However, this is the total score only and FAC site staff do not have access to a list of who cast which votes on that piece. This is for statistical interest only, so please don't go around petitioning staff members to tell you how the voted score for one of your pictures.

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