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Nudity and Sexual Content - Clarifications and Rules

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 9:03 pm    Post subject: Nudity and Sexual Content - Clarifications and Rules Reply with quote

This is an offshoot of the Ratings & Content Advisories topic to clarify a few issues regarding nudity and sexual content in FAC submissions.

Nudity and sexual content are two sections of the Ratings Policy which have seen some changes in the past year, specifically, that there is a limit beyond which nudity and/or sexual content are deemed "inappropriate" and removed as a violation of FAC ratings policy. So, to clarify:

Q: What is 'inappropriate Nudity'?

Firstly, artwork containing nudity is allowed on FAC when it has been appropriately labelled as containing nudity. Further information about nudity warnings is available in the FAQ section. However, at the same time, not all nudity is considered acceptable. Sexual content notwithstanding, the following types of nudity are considered unacceptable and will be subject to removal from FAC by site staff:

  • Explicit nudity that involves an erection.
  • Explicit nudity that involves body functions, such as urination, excretion, or lactation.

Q: What about nude Furries?

Anthropomorphic subjects which are completely furred, feathered, and/or scaled are generally regarded as inherently "covered", and for such subjects a Nudity warning is required only for depiction of bare breasts or bare genetalia. However, the above rule regarding inappropriate nudity still applies, and a Nudity warning should still be considered if the subject is posed in a way that, even without bare depiction, places undue focus on the subject's breast or genital area.

The same also applies to purely non-anthropomorphic, non-humanoid subjects.

Q: What is 'inappropriate Sexual content'?

Sexual content ranges from mild innuendo to depictions of explicit sexual activity between characters.

The following is a guide to the forms of Sexual Content which are considered unacceptable for submission to FAC, and subject to removal:

  • Two or more subjects depicted in a manner that clearly involves or implies sexual contact between the subjects. This is usually genital contact, but also extends to "anal" and "oral" sexual contact as well.
  • Any subject depicted as masturbating or fondling the genital area, OR
  • The depiction of sexual penetration upon any subject, which includes the use and depiction of sexual 'toys'.
  • Depiction of sexual-related fluids such as (but not limited to) semen or "spooge".

Note that while Sexual Content generally involves nudity at the same time, the crtieria of inappropriate Sexual Content still apply even if little or no nudity whatsoever is involved.

Q: What about self-censoring? Can I obscure certain parts with black boxes?

No. Submissions which contain inappropriate nudity and/or sexual content may still be regarded as containing that content even if certain parts have been blanked or obscured from view. For example, if a piece depicts two nude subjects embraced about each other, it is nearly impossible to avoid the implication of sexual contact between them, even if the piece has been self-censored or black-boxed. Such a piece would still be considered unacceptable and subject to removal by site staff.

Q: What do I do if I see a submission on FAC that is obviously explicit?

Contact a site staff member; Either send an e-mail to abuse@fanart-central.net, or address a PM to an FAC site staff member (such as Stratadrake). We can handle it from there.

Q: What about a submission that may or may not be explicit?

Report it to FAC staff just the same. If a picture falls precisely on the line between "acceptable" and "unacceptable", it may still be regarded as not acceptable for FAC submission. In other words, don't try to prod and test precisely where we draw the line.
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