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Policy: User Avatars

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 1:16 pm    Post subject: Policy: User Avatars Reply with quote

Your user avatar image (hereafter nicknamed "avvie") is a small image attached to your FAC profile page, comments, and forum posts, which helps other people recognize you.

Rules for your avatar are as follows:

  • Clean, G-rated avvies only.
    Like forum signatures, avatar images cannot be assigned Mature Content labels or be filtered from view. Therefore, they must be appropriate for all ages. Avatars containing, for example, sexual imagery or profanity will be subject to immediate removal.

  • Avvies must be no larger than 64x64 pixels.
    The limit is actually 65x65, but the number 64 sounds cooler, and what difference does one measly pixel make? Wink
    If you try to upload an avvie which is larger than this limit, FAC will automatically attempt to create a resized version within this limit. But be warned; FAC's resize function is not necessarily perfect, so if you receive an error message after attempting to upload a new avvie, you will need to resize the avvie yourself before trying again.

  • No heavily animated or distracting avvies.
    Animated avvies should be kept short and to the point (less than 20kb, please). Don't drain a poor dial-up user's bandwidth on one tiny image!

  • No stealing avvies!
    People associate avvies with the user behind them. No fair trying to upload the same avvie image as someone else!

As you can see, these rules are pretty simple and easy to follow. Still, they will be enforced, and if you're caught breaking them, it will cost you your current avvie, and (if it continues to be a problem) you actually can be blocked from having a new avvie to begin with.
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