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Guidelines on: Collaborative Work, Recolors & Tracings

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:45 am    Post subject: Guidelines on: Collaborative Work, Recolors & Tracings Reply with quote

FAC is an art site, so rule #1 of our submission policy has always been that the only things you can submit to your FAC gallery is an artwork created by you. We do not allow artwork created by other users, or protected by commercial copyrights, in your FAC gallery, nor do we do not permit users to download an image by a different user, modify or "edit" it in some way, and then resubmit the piece as if it were their own work.

Unfortunately there's one area in which this rule becomes blurred: Collaborative works, in which two artists have contributed on a single piece -- such as when one artist creates a lineart and another person shades and colors it in. Several users on FAC, including staff members, have done this types of work; we've even seen "coloring contests" hosted on FAC,

Downloading, recoloring or editing, and resubmitting a different artist's work is one thing, but if the original artist specifically offers their work up for recoloring or editing, that is an entirely different matter.

It's good for artists to collaborate and work together; this helps reinforce the sense of community between users. But we also need to assure that there is some agreement for recoloring or editing, that there's no foul play involved, and that nobody is being ripped off.

If you want to submit a piece which is a recolor, modification, or other "edit" of work created by another artist, we need to be able to verify that this is okay by the original artist.

And to that end, the guidelines:

Rules defining an acceptable "edit":

    Essentially, an "edit" is allowed only if the original artist has given permission for it. More specifically, unless the artist gives permission, you're not allowed to edit it. This means:

  • We will never allow "edits" of material protected by commercial copyrights, i.e., "edits" of screenshots or videogame sprites. Yes, screenshots and sprites are copyrighted, you're not allowed to use them.

  • Nor will we ever allow "edits" of photography; we don't allow photography (as an art form) to be submitted, and this includes photo-edits.

  • And we don't allow 'edits' which originate from so-called "kits", "dollmakers", or "create a character" utilities, either. Like the popular Gaia sprites. They are protected by copyright too, you can't use them.

  • Basic image adjustments such as resizing/cropping or automated exposure adjustment do not constitute a valid "edit". If you took an image by another artist and inverted it in MS Paint, this isn't considered a "recolor" and never will be. If you resized an image by another artist and try to submit that, that's not considered an "edit" either (it would, in fact, be considered stealing!).

Guidelines for submitting an "edit" or recolor to FAC
    If and when you do have permission to create an 'edit' of another artist's work and want to submit the result to FAC, you need to provide proof that you've been given permission. For FAC staff to verify this, you need to provide us with the following:

  • Name of the original artist, and URL to their account page, gallery, or personal website. Clearly identify who the original work belongs to, as part of your submission's Description.

  • URL to the original image by that artist, either the image file itself or a page on which it can quickly and easily be found. If the original piece is hosted on an art site (such as deviantART, or here on FAC) then linking the URL for the page is good enough. Post this in the "References" field of your submission, and (because the "References" field is length limited) cite it in your Description as well.

  • Permission for editing. Basically, URL to a statement by the owner that gives permission for editing. Some artists will include this as part of the original image, in a journal entry, or if you post a comment on their piece, in direct response to it.

As a final note, citing proof of the original artist is YOUR responsibility, not ours. We don't have the time or resources to look up who the original artist is if you don't already point them out, you need to do this yourself.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Coloring Contests fall under these guidelines, hosts of coloring contests should require entrants to know these and follow them in some way, shape or form.

To users who are entering into these contests, Not doing so could be misconstrued as theft (and you don't want that) also the words "for [insert host's name here] contest" is insufficient. You should provide the link to the contest, be it done Via gallery image or forum thread so the staff can view the information and verify it.

If you wish to see what proper citation for a coloring of other artists images looks like and how it can be done Click Here
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