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An Orc's adventure
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ethyl explained to captain Stanislav that she needed to get to her home town to find the third amulet.

"OK." he said, then asked. "What are the co-ordinates of your home town Ethyl?"

"Co-ordinates?" answered Ethyl. "I've no idea."

"In that case just give me your zip code. We can translate that into the co-ordinates we need."

He paused to look at Ethyl over the reading glasses he was wearing.

"You do know your zip code I presume?"

"Er ... I'm not sure I can remember it correctly." Ethyl said nervously.

"So, you suffer from incomplete memory recall do you?" the captain said.

Ethyl was speechless (also a little gob-smacked) at the way the captain had come up with this instant 'analysis' of her mind.

"Such a shame in someone so young." he continued. "However, not to worry. We'll soon have you cured of that."

Ignoring Ethyl's shocked expression he immediately turned towards a uniformed bat-female seated at a control panel.

"First officer Francine." he called to his lieutenant. "Take Miss Ethyl to the neuro-psychic transducer device."

He pointed to what looked like a dentist's chair on one side of the room.

"I think ten minutes should be long enough ... to begin with."

Francine stopped what she was doing. She started to approach Ethyl.

"Just a minute!" exclaimed Ethyl. "Don't I have a say in this?!"

The captain gave a surreptitious nod to more pyrodactyl guards who were standing around the space ship's perimeter.

"Er ... not really." said the captain. " Seize them ... all of them! "

Rodrick and Seth found themselves instantly set upon by two burly officers each. Two more of the pyrodactyl crew seized Ethyl.

"Now my dear, I'll take those amulets."

Captain Stanislav grinned as Ethyl struggled against her captors and he removed the amulets from one of her pockets.

"Now," he ordered impatiently to the guards. "get me those co-ordinates! "

"So much for trusting these goons!" muttered Rodrick.

As Ethyl was being dragged away she saw Candrella. She was kissing captain Stanislav.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ethyl was strapped down to a cold metal table in a poorly lit room. However the Pyrodactyls did not need a lot of light to see with their night vision.

As the guards walked out Candrella walked in.

"Sorry about the turn of events, but it was the only way to obtain what is rightfully ours. The captain was quiet pleased with my work. Now shall we start the mind tap. I am curious to see what is in your mind human." she hissed a sharp laugh.

"I have a question before this all starts." Ethyl said as Candrella turned to a tray of medical equipment. "What is up with Stanislav's accent? Ghost bats are from South America, not Russia."

"All of the Pyrodactyls you have seen were born and raised in a human made lad. These labs are located all over the world, Russia, Canada, America, Japan, every where." The female bat conitnued. "However not one of us have been able to reproduce naturally. Always in the labs" she said in disgust.

"How does the amulets come into play?" Ethyl watched as Candrella walked over with a big needle full of a blue liquid.

"Once all of the amulets are together our race will have no need of you humans any longer. Our kind will be the rulers of this world with my Captain in charge. Then he and I will be able to create the new generations of Pyrodactyls to make our numbers strong. Now do you see why we need you, whyI need you so bad. No hard feelings friend."

"We are not friends." Ethyl turned her face away as Candrella stuck the needle into the side of her neck. As the liquid ran into her blood stream, Ethyl stared up at the dark ceiling wide eyed, she could no longer speak or move.

"This next past could hurt a bit." The mutant bat hissed with laughter.

* * *

Uncle Seth and Rodrick were led down long metal hallway to the holding cells. After entering the entrance office Rodrick stopped dead in his tracks.

The two guards hiss angrily in response to the Prince's actions. Without warning Rodrick swiftly turned right around a clipped the bat under the chin with a left handed punch. The hit stunned the creature long enough for Rodrick to lift the bat off its feet and threw the Pyrodactyl into it fellow guard. Both bats hit the wall hard and fell into a crumpled pile onto the floor. Uncle Seth kicked his guard in the knee when the beast wasn't looking and hit it in the head when it fell into a crouch. The last of the guards sprung toward Seth, jaw open and claws extended ready to strike. But the beast was caught in midair by Rodrick who held the creature by the throat. It clawed wildly at the Orcs arm but it still could not get free.

"Sweet dreams." Rodrick slammed the Pyrodactyl into the metal floor so hard it left a dent. the bat twitched for a second then lay still.

"Wish I would have thought of that." Seth congratulated the Orc.

"To fool such a creature one must be unpredictable." Rodrick pulled a blade that he had been hiding in his boot.

"And what do you think we should do now?"

"I think it is time we took a little trip around this vessel don't you think, I mean we would want to get lost in here, now do we?" Rodrick gave a sly smile.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That was an incredibly prompt reply Danielle.
I was aiming to introduce some more conflict, and now you've really taken the action into a completely new ball game!
I may be a day or two continuing (I'm going out tonight - details here http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=229144912563&ref=share ).
Just wanted to let you know how much I like what you just added.
Cheers for now. Geoff. xx
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am going to draw a profile for Captain Stanislav, hopefully soon.......
Thats all for now

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Joined: 02 May 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ethyl was awakened by a strange light flashing through her eyelids. Slowly she became aware of the the singing of birds and the chirping of insects.

The flashing light was sunlight. It was being interrupted by the leaves of a tree before it reached her face in the small clearing where she lay.

Though still in a daze she got to her feet.

Ethyl suddenly felt as if she was being manipulated like a puppet. Her head turned involuntarily from side to side.

Her legs alternately lifted and descended by themselves. As they did so her body automatically counterbalanced their movement in the manner of a robot.

Soon it became apparent that she was being directed towards a rock on one side of the clearing she was in.

As she approached it she immediately recognised the old abandoned car from her youth.

It was lying in a hollow surrounded by sapling trees which had grown up since she was last there.

Suddenly she felt her head being turned. Her eyes were being used to look for something. A recently fallen branch came into view.

She moved over to the branch with ungainly strides and picked it up. Her fingers tore at its small twigs until the branch was stripped.

Her fingers were bleeding and the pain was becoming excruciating - but still she couldn't stop herself.

Whatever the controlling force was, it frog marched Ethyl, carrying the branch, swiftly back to the rock.

Blood trickled down to her elbows, from where it dripped onto the grass. She struggled to prise the rock from the ground.

Finally it gave way.

She picked up a shiny (and vaguely familiar) object that was revealed in the hollow.

"OK, that's enough. We have enough data." said a voice. "Administer the antidote."

Ethyl winced as something sharp jabbed into her neck.

Just before she drifted back into sleep she fancied she heard two other familiar voices.

"Unhand her Candrella!" Rodrick's voice was booming.

"You take that bitch Roddy. I'll deal with her assistant." shouted uncle Seth.

As unconsciousness enveloped her, Ethyl clung to the belief that rescue from her nightmare might finally be at hand.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There was quiet a tussle from what Ethyl could make out. Her eye sight faded in and out.

Rodrick charged toward Candrella knife in hand. He swung at the air as the Pyrodactyl jumped back out of the way. "We need her for the future of our kind! Surely you of all creatures would understand." The female bat spoke to him on the move. "You a creature not natural to this world. I have seen it in the human's mind. How disgusting that you choose this one as your mate." Candrella spit at him claws lashing back.

"I'll turn your hide into a rug and paint the walls with your blood!" Rodrick leaped after Candrella and caught her by the wing.

"Let me go!" She screamed.

Uncle Seth had found a weapon as well during his time running around through the ships passageways and rooms. He had held a odd gun shaped weapon pointed at the other creature in the room.

"Don't you dare move or I'll shoot!" he warned the creature, but the pyrodactyl didn't listen. It lunged forward after him. Uncle Seth fired one shot that instantly disintegrated the creature to ashes on contact. "Now that is what I call over kill."

Uncle Seth ran over to Ethyl as she lay there unconscious. "Come on kid, ya have to wake up." he said untying the straps are the wrists and ankles.

In the end Rodrick wrestled Candrella to the ground and tied her up after she tried to set him on fire numerous times. "There that should keep you quiet for a while."

"She isn't waking up." Seth called to Rodrick.

"I got it covered." The Orc said as he slowly lifed Ethyl off the metal table. "Rise and shine dear this is no time for a nap." He whispered into her ear.

"My knight in shining armor came to rescue me...." Ethyl whispered back with a smile.

"Okay.......I think that is the drugs talking." Rodrick smirked and carried Ethyl away with Uncle Seth leading the way.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Ouch! I feel like I've been lobotomised." said Ethyl once they had reached the outer door of the flying saucer and Rodrick felt she had recovered enough to stop carrying her. "What's happened to all the pyrodactyls?"

"They won't bother us anymore." said her uncle Seth as he twirled the weapon he'd found round his finger wild west style. "I reckon this'll insure us of a safe exit from this contraption."

"Oh." said Ethyl. "I was sort of looking forward to having a ride in a flying saucer. I've heard so much about them."

"Well I wouldn't worry too much on that score." uncle Seth continued.

Ethyl gave him a puzzled look.

"This flying saucer wasn't about to fly off anywhere. It's all a mock up. Some kinda hoax."

"How come you know so much already?" asked Rodrick, who was equally confused.

Uncle Seth grinned.

"I'll show you." he said. "Come over here."

He led them to what looked like a door labelled with the words ...

' Engine Room - Severe Atomic Radiation Hazard - Keep Out! '

... in large red letters.

He ran the fingers of his hand over one edge of the 'door'.

It was perfectly smooth. No seal. No join. And when he knocked on it with his knuckles there was just a hollow, wooden sound.

"It's just a painting of a door. Nothing at all behind it - like most of the doors around here." Seth explained, adding in a whisper. "I discovered that when I needed to use the gents' toilet!"

"Well I never!" muttered Rodrick.

"Neat bit of artwork though, don't you think?" added Seth as he put on his glasses in order to scrutinise the workmanship.

"Yes," said a voice that at that instant spoke in all three of their heads at once. "and we would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you meddling humanoids!"

Rodrick looked somewhat miffed.

"Did she just call me humanoid?" he queried, then, with a shrug of his shoulders. "Well, maybe 'humanoid' does sound slightly better than 'Orc-oid'!"

They laughed all the way down the access ramp of the 'flying saucer'.

The words 'Come back here! Untie me you monsters!" were ringing repeatedly in their heads (but getting fainter all the time).

"Now," said uncle Seth as soon as they were on solid ground. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go behind those rocks for a moment ... I urgently need to have a pee!"
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The group made there way out of the woods by a poorly lit trail. For what seemed like hours they walked on until a familiar scene came into view. The wooden cabin was warm and inviting as they drew closer, how ever something was different. There was no sign of destruction or disorder. There was actually more vehicles parked outside the building.

"Thank god the back up came." Uncle Seth sighed.

"Something seems off." Rodrick pipped up.

There were no Pyrodactyls in sight. None hiding in the trees or sitting atop of the cabin, not like when they left the cabin grounds.

As Uncle Seth reached for the handle to the front door, it swung open and there stood Margret in a Mountie Uniform. She stood there in shock.

"Oh my God Your Alive!!" She cried throwing her arms around his neck.

"Well we thought things would go better, but we made it out safe and sound."
Seth comforted Margret by patting her shoulder but she quickly broke the embrace.

"No word from you for two months!!! You call that okay!" Margret roared out.

"Pardon?" Ethyl asked.

"You heard me! Everything was going to hell and you guys just up and leave with so much as a call for two months! We were lucky when we got news that the Pyrodactyl Leader went missing and the the army showed up." Marget wiped her tears away.

"Two months? We were only gone for one night." Ethyl thought about it.

"Told you something wasn't right." Rodrick butted in.

"Don't lie to me! You all left to save your own hides and came back when the coast was clear." Margret yelled.

"We were the ones who stopped the Capitan. We stopped the Pyrodactyls from destroying humanity. At least pretend to act grateful." Rodrick growly.

"Wait don't tell me......." Ethyl laughed to herself embarrassed, "that, that hunk of crap was a time machine, disguised as a spaceship."

Both Uncle Seth and Rodrick stopped and thought about it too.

"That could more or less explain the situation we are in now." Seth rubbed his chin.

"I need a drink." Rodrick rubbed his forehead, his brain was in pain from thinking to hard.

"I need to sit down." Ethyl said with wobbly knees, she was still not fully recovered from Candrella's experiments.

"Come on in! Come on in!" Margret said in an annoyed tone.

With an arm around Ethyl, Rodrick helped her inside to a nice roaring fire.

"What is the date if I may ask?" Uncle Seth asked Margret when she was settled down.

"December 24. Good timing Boss, You made it home before Christmas." she said sarcastically.

"Really! Well I be damned." Seth took notice to the ten foot tall Christmas tree standing beside the secret door disguised as a book case. It was all covered frm top to bottom with blue garland and twinkling white lights. "Looks like I will be having family over this time." He smiled as he looked over to Ethyl who was passed out on the couch asleep. Rodrick was grumbling to him-self as he took off her boots. ".......what am I your maid......"

"Merry Christmas Marget." Uncle Seth said to her.

"You too Mr.Grey. By the way you were pronounced dead a month back. I got your job. I am the new Capitan." Marget announced.

"That's nice." Uncle Seth said in a spaced out voice. He wasn't listening to anything she was saying. "I can't wait for New Years day ether." He smiled.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesomefull ideas Danielle ...
two months time travel ...
Seth having been pronounced dead ...
Margaret getting Seth's job ...
Ethyl's wobbly knees ...
back just in time for Christmas ...

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ethyl woke to find herself in a strange room.

She had a vague recollection of having drifted off to sleep soon after Rodrick had placed her on the sofa in front of an open fire in her uncle Seth's cabin.

She was still on a sofa, but it wasn't the timber one she knew with its leather upholstery. This one was moulded out of white plastic. Its upholstery - if that's the right word - was made of some kind of transparent cellular cushioning.

Ethyl blinked. She was even tempted to pinch herself (in case this was the start of another dream).

She sat up and turned her head to look all round herself.

The rest of the room was like the sofa - everything in it was pure white. There was a small dressing table with a chair and a largish box in the middle of the floor with handles at each end. The room had a single door on either side of which a small shelf was fixed to the wall.

The ceiling sloped on two opposing sides like in attic bedrooms she'd seen.

There were two circular windows. Each was situated half way up one of the sloping sides of the ceiling. Sunlight was entering each window and striking a single crystal chandelier that hung centrally between the windows. The chandelier was refracting it into a myriad tiny rainbows that patterned the otherwise plain whiteness of the walls.

Had she not been distracted by the fact that, when she looked at herself, instead of the clothes she had been wearing, Ethyl was now dressed in a strange silver suit - she might have thought it strange that the shafts of sunlight were coming from two completely opposite directions.

Ethyl went to the door. She was relieved to find that it wasn't locked. She crossed a small landing and descended some stairs into what appeared to be a hallway.

At one end of the hallway a door was open to the outside. Sounds of birds singing in the garden could be heard coming through it - so could the sound of Rodrick's and Seth's voices.

Ethyl ran to the door. She found her uncle and the Orc standing on the front porch of the cabin looking at the sky. An instant later she too was standing with them looking skywards.

"Oh, there you are." said uncle Seth. "We were wondering when you'd find your way out here."

"Yeh," grunted Rodrick."Welcome to Alpha Centauri 9, and welcome to the future."

"Er? Excuse me." Ethyl said, her brow furrowing noticeably."What on Earth do you mean?"

"Will you explain or shall I?" uncle Seth asked Rodrick.

"Er, you do it." Rodrick said. "I'm still a bit confused."

"OK." Seth said as he took a deep breath. "Long story short. First this isn't the year 2009 - it's 2209. Seems that time shifting effect that started in the flying saucer is still happening."

"Yeh," said Rodrick. "Instead of two months into the future ... we've now fast forwarded two hundred years into the future!"

"Holy crap!" said Ethyl as she reeled visibly. However she soon recovered.

"So," she continued. "What's the second thing I need to know?"

Seth took another deep breath.

"Prepare yourself for a shock." her uncle said as he placed a reassuring hand on Ethyl's shoulder. In turn Seth looked at Rodrick for reassurance.

"I'm afraid we're no longer on planet Earth dearest niece," he continued. "... we're on planet 9 of the double star system known as 'Proxima Centauri'."

Ethyl gulped. ('Rather too much information!' she suddenly found herself thinking.)

"Yes. It's perfectly true." Rodrick confirmed. "... but look on the bright side. Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to our sun. A mere four and a half light years away. That's all!"

Ethyl burst into tears.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Come let us explore for a bit, i want to see what the culture is like on this planet." Uncle Seth smiled boldly as he applied on a huge amount of sun screen on his arms and neck. The suns were burning bright today and the temperature was well above 35'c.

"Okay but not for too long, I would like to find a way back home before something happens." Ethyl pulled on a thin sliver windbreaker that reflected the sun away from the wearer.

"What could possibly happen?" Uncle Seth grinned, "It is a lovely day outside, the metallic birds are singing in the trees, the lava monsters are dancing."

"Ummm okay.."

"Come I am tired of sitting around." Rodrick demanded.

"What has got you all worked up?" Ethyl raised an eyebrow.

"There is a battle arena down the block, we heard it on the halo-radio." Seth pipped up. "I too am eager to see what it is all about."

"OH No... Remember the last time we were at an area.....all the angry gladiators, and you were thrown in jail." Ethyl poked Rodrick in the arm.

"I will control myself this time." Rodrick scowled.

"Uhhuhh.....why don't I believe that." Ethyl sighed. "Okay we can go as long as no one starts a riot."

"Seriously Ethyl lighten up, we are grownups, you don't have to hold our hand all the time." Seth laughed.

"Sometimes I can't really tell the difference." Ethyl said under her breath.

"Well it is settled, lets go." Seth opened the front door, "Oh I almost forgot, Marget! Oh Marget would you please look after things until we get back."

"Oh no that woman made it here too." Ethyl moaned.

"Not exactly....Marget didn't make it here in one piece." Seth sad in a sad voice.

"Affirmative Mr.Grey." A small round metal robot wheeled into the room.

"Ethyl this is Marget 2.0" Seth introduced them.

"Holy carp........ummm you look good.....Marget." Ethyl stammered in amazement.

"Bite me, humanoid." Marget bot responded and then wheeled out of the room.

"I see she hasn't changed a bit." Seth smiled.

"Come on the show is about to start soon." Rodrick pulled Ethyl's arm.

"Okay! Okay I am coming."
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The walk outside as breath taking. The city itself was a master piece as every building seemed to follow its own design to match the business it held inside. The shere height of the large metal and stone sky scrapers made Ethyl's head spin as she titled her head up to look at them. Every windowpane had a sollar device hooked up to power the building.

There was a wide range of different races of people that walked the side walks. Some looked like normal human beings and others were indescribable.

Smells of food came out of the restaraunts, both good and bad.

"Itsn't this wonderous." Smiled Uncle Seth.

A woman passed by hold the hand of a little girl, both of the woma's arms were made of metal.

"Cyborgs?" Ethyl looked back as the woman walked down the street behind them.

"Why not, this is a more evolved world then what we are use to. " Uncle Seth. "Why would this bother you. We fought against mutant Pyrodactles and you travel around with him." Seth pointed to Rodrick.

"Your right. I had lived in another world for a few years....but this. I guess I wanted to spend a little more time home before we left again."

"Cheer up my dear neice! For we will have a good time here."

Ethyl couldn't help but smile at her uncle's bright attitude.

Finally they reached the arena and they all stopped dead in there trakes.

"Are you serious...this is their arena??!!!" Ethyl proclamed.

The building was the same likeness as the Roman Colosseum, except it was encased in metal. Each archwa had a bright silver statue of a menacing looking fighter or a beautiful woman drapped in fine cloth. As the group drew closer the building loomed over them, dousing them in a dark shadow.

"How do we even get inside?" Ethyl could not see any entrances over the large crowd that was gathering around.

"Good question." Uncle Seth peered around.

"Here Rodrick give me a boost up. Let me see if I can find where we have to go."

Rodrick cupped his hands togather and pushed Ethyl's boot up in the air as she gripped his shoulder. Now Ethyl was well over seven feet tall and the crowd was vastly sperd over the whole ground around them.

There was a number of openings to the east of them where the crowd seemed to be entering.

"That way looks promising." Ethyl pointed. Rodrick put her down gently.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Excuse me." "Excuse me." "Excuse me." Ethyl, Rodrick and Seth made their way along the row to where Ethyl had spotted the only three empty seats in the whole auditorium.

Ethyl and Seth both made their way with relative ease. Rodrick on the other hand, being twice the size of the either Ethyl or Seth (and four times the size of the seated Proxima-centauri 9 cyberbots) caused quite a disturbance as he did so. It didn't help matters either when the auditorium lights suddenly dimmed, leaving Rodrick to trample the toes of at least two of the hapless bots.

Battles in the the battle arena were like nothing any of them had ever seen. For a start, all anyone in the audience could see of the combatants were holograms projected onto a space above their heads at the centre of the arena.

"What's this for?" asked Ethyl as she picked up some sort of remote control device from the arm of her seat.

"Dunno." said uncle Seth. "There's one on my seat too."

Ethyl and her companions were still scrutinising the devices when a cheer went up and it was announced that the first battle was about to begin. Each of the cyberbots seated around them immediately aimed their device at the hologram. Immediately the countdown reached zero they began frantically pressing buttons.

There seemed to be some kind of interactive audience participation going on.

"OK? What do we do now?" whispered Ethyl.

"No idea." said Seth with a sigh. "But this is definitely NOT what I was expecting."

"Me neither." added Rodrick.

"I think we'll just have to pretend to be taking part," suggested Ethyl. "and hope it won't be too long before there's an interval!"

An hour later the three of them were relieved to be finally following the crowd towards a nearby exit.

"Well. That was about as exciting as watching paint dry." Ethyl was saying as they waited behind a group of cyberbots. "Any longer and I'd have died of boredom."

Little did she know the three of them were just about to become the centre of something REALLY exciting.

No sooner had they gone through the doorway than an alarm sounded shrilly.

The words 'NONE SILICON LIFE FORM DETECTED' were flashing on and off on a sign on the wall and rays of red laser light simultaneously singled Ethyl, Rodrick and Seth out of the crowd.

"That's it. Now I'm REALLY pissed!" exclaimed Ethyl to a flabbergasted Roderick and Seth. "Just because we're not based on silicon chips like these morons, I ain't hanging around any longer for anybody to interrogate me."

Rodrick and Seth could see there was no arguing with the new assertive Ethyl.

"Come on Roddy, Seth. Time to make a freakin' run for it!"
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The group slowly weaved their way through the large crowd, sticking as close to each other as possible. In the back ground a alarm grew fainter as they fought to find a way back to the safety of their apartment house. Though there was a lingering feeling that their trouble was far from over.

At the head of the group Ethyl pushed people with blank stares out of the way as her Uncle Seth followed second and Rodrick who followed last. As Ethyl saw an open gap in the crowd from were she was standing, an eerie figure stood in her line of vision. A tall man wearing a long ragged trench coat with his face covered by the shadow of his deep hood. Ethyl stopped and looked back.

"What is going on up there?" Rodrick snapped.

"We need to find another way out of here!" Ethyl pointed to the dark figure.

"He is but one man, we can easily take him on."

"That is something I don't want to frisk, for all we know there could be more."
Ethyl took a shape right and went another way.

Behind Rodrick could hear a group of guards moving toward them. “Pick up the pace woman! We have company!”

“I am going as fast as I can!!” Ethyl snapped back. There was a wall of civilians blocking her way as the edge of the crowd came into view. “Roddy you make a better bulldozer maybe you should come up front!”

“What now?” Rodrick stood beside Ethyl, in front on them the civilians linked arms.

“Anyone up for playing Red Rover.” Uncle Seth chimed.

The area grew an uncomfortable silence then an odd noise forming all around the trio, the wall of robotic civilian bodies started to hum as one machine. Sparks started to form over there cloth and there skin had a weird light glow to it.

“Oh that can’t be good.” Ethyl said over her breath.

Behind them Rodrick heard a group of guards running. “Any bright ideas?”

The robotic people suddenly started to jump left and right, grabbing and pinning the trio to the ground. As they fought to get up Ethyl reached out and grabbed Rodrick by the hand.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Now you're REALLY starting to annoy me!" Rodrick's voice boomed out.

Ethyl was somewhat taken aback at what seemed like a rebuttal by her friend. She began to let go of his hand.

"Oh no." Rodrick continued hastily. "Not you Ethyl."

He smiled at her as reassuringly as he could under the circumstances.

"I ... I was talking to these goddam ... cyber-zombies." he stuttered as he hastened to explain.

A second later the orc had his sword in one hand, his axe in the other, and was wading into the robots - slicing and dicing them as he went.

Ethyl and Seth followed behind Rodrick through the path he was rapidly clearing through the bots.

After a few minutes of Roderick's onslaught their attackers started to lose their glow (also they were humming less tunefully and sparking a lot less).

Ethyl and Seth now found themselves able to help Rodrick by finishing off any stragglers by hitting them on the head with the remote controllers from the arena that the bots were dropping as they perished.

"Well, that went well." Seth congratulated Rodrick as they emerged into the sunlight.

"Now all we need is a car or something to get away with." said Ethyl.

"I'm already onto that." said Rodrick.

No sooner had he spoken than he jumped up onto a nearby stone plinth. He proceeded to rip one of the javelins, together with a coil of decorative rope, from one of the statues that adorned the city sidewalk.

"Follow me." Rodrick said once he was back at ground level. Ethyl and Seth did what they were told.

They headed off at speed down the road.

After ten minutes they reached the banks of a river in the middle of which some boats had been moored.

Rodrick stooped to his knees by the waterside and tied the rope to the centre of the javelin. Then he got to his feet again.

Huge arm muscles rippled as he took careful aim at the nearest boat. He hurled his improvised harpoon. The missile impaled itself neatly in the boat's wooden decking.

With a grin Rodrick handed the end of the rope to Ethyl and Seth.

"I think I've done enough for now, don't you?" he said. "Just be careful how you land that fish!"
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As Rodrick lay relaxed in a lawn chair on the top deck of the ship, Ethyl helped to tend her uncle's pulled shoulder.

"I knew that that wasn't a good sound." Seth winced as Ethyl put his arm in a sling.

"Well you should have stopped pulling the rope, i told you that I was able to do it on my own."

"I didn't want to be useless, I didn't want everyone to do everything for me." Ethyl rolled her eyes at his statement.

"Well looks like you aren't going to be able to use that arm for at least a couple of days. We should be safe on this old fishing boat for a while. We should go have a look around, see if there is an food on board."

"Well we can always just catch fish, this is a fishing boat."

Both Ethyl and her Uncle went down to the lower level of the deck through the stairs beside the control room. There was only one bedroom and a fold out cot near the kitch, which was pretty cramped. and out much walking space between the island counter and the fridge. Along the way to the rest room (with a fitted shower and the works) there was a huge pantry.

"Well that is a relief. Food as far as the eye can see." Uncle seth joked. "Now we don't have to steal food from some other place."

"What are you talking about, we stole this boat."

"And i feel bad, we should bring it back once we are in the clear with the guards.

Ethyl looked closer, at the back of the pantry there was a small wooden door. "Huh wonder what is in here?"

Ethyl opened the door with a loud creek. She fumbled around for a light switch. finally she reached out and clicked on the hanging light. The room was small and allong each wall was a well stocked rake of wine bottles.

"Might not tell Rodrick we found this room." Ethyl laughed

"Tell me you didn't find what?" Rodrick appeared standing behind Uncle Seth.

"Nothing." Ethyl quickly closed the door behind her.

"I came down because you guys were making so much noise. but then I discovered the noise was from the tied up guy the the broom closet."


"I'll show you, follow me." Rodrick led them back to the stairs and on the left side of it was a small broom closet. Rodrick opened it and dragged out a man who was bound and gagged to a chair into the kitchen.

Ethyl slowly pulled out the duct tape over his mouth.

"Ah, you have no idea how long I have been in there. Damned pirates took my poor boat for a joy ride with me still on board."

"This is your fishing boat?" Ethyl asked.

"Ay this be my fishing vesicle." The man had a long black beard and caterpillar like eyebrows to match. With dark eyes he scanned over the small group of travelers. "You wouldn't be pirates now would you."

"Oh no we just.....huhh." Ethyl stumbled.

"We needed to escape form the wackos off the main land." Rodrick put in.

"Ay they be crazy alright, arresting anything that don't belong and then the turn them into science experiments."

"I guess it WAS good we got out before we did." Uncle Seth rubbed him sore shoulder.

"Would you mind untying me, and let me tend to my ship dear." The captain spoke to Ethyl.

"Oh ya of course." She took a knife from a kitchen drawer and cut away at the ropes that held his feet and wrists.

"Ahhh that is much, much better. Now if you'll excuse me I have to use the restroom." And they watched the short stocky man dash down the hallway.
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Maybe it was because Ethyl was a light sleeper or maybe it was because the bed she was in was nearest to the side of the boat. Whatever the reason, the next morning Ethyl awoke to a series of deep sounds from some kind of horn in the distance.

She threw back the cot's bed linen and leaned forward to where she could look out of a small porthole. All she could make out was a few feet of water between the side of the boat and a wall of pea-soup mist that must have descended during the night.

Turning from the porthole she dropped to the cabin floor and carefully opened the door of the boat's only bedroom. A rythmical snoring (in three different pitches) met her ears.

One was deep and sonorous and obviously came from Roderick. Another was melodious (like a Canadian mountie's bugle) and came from uncle Seth. The third was a breathy fluttering of the lips and appeared to be emanating from somewhere within the boat owner's long, black beard.

"Ahhh, how sweet they look." Ethyl whispered to herself with a smile. (She also felt she had done the right thing in letting the three men have the only bedroom.) "Maybe I should leave them sleeping while I go up on deck and take a look where we are."

After she had tidied their dishevelled bed covers a little she carefully closed the bedroom door.

Two seconds later she opened it again - as wide as it would go.

"Er ... maybe a bit of fresh air wouldn't go amiss in there on second thoughts!" she muttered (as a pungent assortment of stale fart gas began to waft its way into the cabin).

Then she went on deck.


The sun had by now evaporated most of the mist. Ethyl saw that their boat had drifted into a bay that was surrounded by a number of rocky promontories. On one of these stood a small lighthouse.

Ethyl guessed that that was from where she had earlier heard the fog horn.

"We must have drifted all the way down the river and right out to sea." Ethyl surmised as she thought to herself. "Lucky for us the weather has been this calm."

She unhitched the anchor from its cradle and tossed it into the clear water of the bay. The anchor rope snaked out over the side for a few seconds and then stopped.

"That ought to hold us from drifting any further." she said to herself as she took up the anchor rope's slack and lashed it securely to a bulkhead.

"Now ... I wonder if there is anyone living in that lighthouse?"

She hastily scribbled a note to the others (telling them where she was going) and pinned it to the boat's dashboard.

Then she dove confidently into the salt water and began swimming towards the mysterious and beckoning lighthouse.
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The water was warmer then she had expected and swam with ease to the rocky shore ahead of her. The pebbled that lined the beach were smooth to the touch, however they were small and hurt Ethyl's bare feet as she tip-toed into some grassy area.

"Ahh, much better."

To her right the was stone steps sticking up out of the rocky cliff wall all the way to the lighthouse. Hair and cloths still wet with the warm sea water made a soft dripping noise as she ascended higher up the rocky path.

She reached the front door after admiring the scenic view the top of the sea cliff had to offer with the sun slowly rising up to the center of the sky. The ship was still bobbing and lazing about were she had left it. The light were still out, which meant the guys were still asleep.

The light house door was rotten and crumbling as she pushed in roughly open. The bottom scrapped the floor with a echoing screech. The stair case was no better condition. At that point half way up the soft creaky wooden broads Ethyl thought, how could this thing still be working in the condition it is in and why was it on in the middle of the day? Which made her all the more curious to reach the top and poke around.

There was a great light shining brighter as she reached the last door. It faded as the spot light rotated on its gears. The room was small with a desk crammed into the far corner facing the Sea. There was a large red high-back chair in front of the desk facing away from Ethyl as she crept closer.

Sitting as casually as he was yeas ago, was a man, or what was left of one. His skeleton arms cross-crossed over his lap. Weather beat and torn his cloths hung loosely over his thin frame. Long white hair draped over his face as if he was sleeping.

"Oh My Go..." Ethyl was about to head out the door when the lights went out and the machine shut down.

"Stupid contraction!!!" Creaking as he got up, the skeleton grabbed a wrench off his desk and started to smack at the machine in the middle of the room. "Good for nothing pile of junk," He stopped for a second and turned and stared as Ethyl with white lifeless eyes. "Well hello there."

Ethyl inched closer to the door, wide eyed and totally freaked out.

"Oh don't be afraid..." He put down the wrench and held his bony leathery hands in the air in surrender.

"Your suppose to be dead!!" Ethyl went for the door, however found no door handle to open it.

"I have been telling myself the same thing for the past 200 years." He bowed "I am Jacobson Red the Third. I forgive my unsightly appearance but you see I am stuck under a Curse."

"Okay. That explains the fact that you are talking and walking around."

"However I fear that the town behind to the east is also under the Curse."

"And what is this curse?"

"You see many, many years ago there was tale of a woman who lived in own town, though at the time people suspected nothing. She placed a curse on the town and all the people living in it, that they shall not rest until what was taken brought back to her."

"And what was taken?"

"Me I haven't the slightest idea. But I would ask around town someone has to know something." Jacobson laughed a lifeless chuckle and his old joints creaked.

"I see what I can do." Ethyl agreed to help and with that the door popped open and she was free to go.
Meanwhile back on the ship Rodrick suddenly sat upright in bed.

"What is the matter?" Seth asked rubbing his eyes and yawned, somehow he ended up on the floor with his pillow.

"My Ethyl senses are tingling!"

"Your what?" The captain said scratching his beard.

"It can only mean one thing..." Both men looked at Rodrick suddenly "that she has a Job for me to do."

Seth and the captain flopped back down grumbling.
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Ethyl didn't have to look for the village that Jacobson Red (the third) had mentioned - the village came to her.

As soon as she stepped out of the lighthouse door she found herself surrounded by a crowd of at least two dozen figures - all skeletally thin and raggedly dressed like the old man.

"It's her." "Its the witch." "Arrest her." "Make her undo the spell she put on us." came the various cries from the crowd.

Ethyl stood open-mouthed in surprise, but before could say a word someone at the back of the crowd threw a rock. Everything went black.


The next thing Ethyl knew she was lying on her side on straw in the back of a wagon. She could feel herself being jossled along under a clear blue sky. Her head hurt like fury, but when she tried to touch the wound she discovered she couldn't because her hands were tied behind her back.

The wagon came to a stop and Ethyl saw they were in the middle of a village square. To one side of the square sat a bespectacled chap at a table. He appeared to be some kind of a judge. He looked very distinguished in the wig and black gown he was wearing. In front of him on the table was a huge gavel..

A few yards away from the judge's table stood an old tree. The tree had a single but stout branch jutting from its side. A heavy, noosed rope swung gently where it had been loosely thrown over the branch.

"Let the trial commence!" shouted a spokesperson for the crowd. "Try the witch! Try the witch!" chanted the others.

Suddenly Ethyl found herself wishing she hadn't come ashore all alone. If only Rodrick and uncle Seth knew where she was. This really wasn't supposed to happen!


Rodrick held the dull silver chain with its metal tag in front of the old lighthouse keeper.

"We know she's been here." Rodrick said. "This is Ethyl's dog tag."

Rodrick held the tag in front of Jacobson's eyes so that he could have read the name if he'd known how to read.

"It was on the ground outside your lighthouse. She would never leave it lying around unless something had happened to her."

Rodrick grabbed the old man by what there was of his shirt collar and lifted him off the gound as if he was a ventriloquist's doll.

"Where is she?" Rodrick demanded. "Tell us what you know?"

"I ... I had nothing to do with it." Jacobson stuttered. "It was the villagers."

Rodrick and Seth looked puzzled. Jacobson continued.

"The village is just to the east. They must have been spying on me and seen your Ethyl come in here. They've always suspected me of being in league with the woman who put the spell on them. Now they think your Ethyl is she."

Rodrick relaxed his grip and Jacobson dropped onto his feet while staggering to keep his balance.

"You must hurry."Jacobson continued once he'd stabilized himself. "Your friend's life is in danger."

"How will we find her?" asked uncle Seth.

"There's only one road from here and it leads to the village. That's where they will have taken her." said Jacobson.

Rodrick and Seth immediately started towards the door.

"No." Jacobson called out. "Use the back door."

Rodrick and Seth again looked puzzled.

"I have some winged horses out back. I breed them as a hobby. You can take one each. They'll get you there in no time."

Rodrick and Seth reversed direction and headed for the door that Jacobson was pointing at behind himself.

"Very well." said Rodrick as he and Seth passed one each side of Jacobson. "But you're coming with us."

They each grabbed one of Jacobson's arms and frog marched him with them (backwards) to the back door.

"We may have need of some local knowledge old man," said Seth as they they carried their hostage. "... and maybe some extra help wouldn't go amiss either, eh?"

Jacobson offered no resistance.

"You can count on me." grinned the old man (a hitherto unseen glint of energy sparkling in his previously lifeless seeming eyes). "After all, I've a long-standing score to settle with those f*****g b******s!"


Three magnificent winged horses and their riders briefly circled the lighthouse one behind another, before grouping together and heading off in an easterly direction.

Minutes later they were flying over the village.

Rodrick, Seth and Jacobson could see Ethyl. Hands still tied, she was being roughly pushed and shoved by the mob in the direction of the tree and its awaiting noose.

"Looks like we're just in time." Rodrick shouted as he seized his trusty axe and twirled it over his head as he flew.

"Follow me." he continued. "Time, I think, to gate-crash on the lynching party they're holding down there!"
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There was a sudden pause as the undead towns people looked to the sky. Rodrick, Uncle Seth and Jacobson jumped from there horses and circled the guards that were dragging Ethyl away.

"What is the meaning of this!!" The Judge boomed. "Who dares stop our affairs so rudely!?"

"We have come to set the woman free Your Honor. You are making a terrible mistake, for SHE is not the witch that has damned us." Jacobson pointed to Ethyl, " Doesn't anyone remember what the old bat looked like?"

There was a murmur amongst the crowd.
"She was short...I think..." A one legged man croaked out.

"NO NO... she was tall with bright fire red hair." a woman, assuming his wife, slapped his arm.

"She had a birthmark in the shape of a bat of her left arm." Anonymous woman rang out.

"Check the woman's arm them. Let gets this over with." the judge frowned and a maggot dropped out of his wig.

Leather like hands griped tight at her arms and pulled up her sleeves. “There are no marks at all on this one.” The eyeless guard creaked as he spoke.

“Of course not.” A woman stepped out of a near by building wearing a pure white robe and a long flowing veil that covered her face. “She is not the witch. I sense this one has come to us with good intentions. Guards would you be so kind as to let our guest go.”

“Yes Lady Scarlet.” And the guards bowed and walked back to guard the front gates.

“Thank you very much..” The woman lifted her hand and waved softly in red lace gloves for the group of new comers follow her.

“Awwwww! And I was hoping we were going to smash a few skulls and dismember a few of these bone bags. Some rescue mission this turned out to be.” Rodrick whispered over to Seth disappointed as they walked into the Lady’s Court yard, which consisted of a flower bed of dead Roses and skeleton chickens running free rang around the front entrance.

“Well I think Ethyl found it comforting that we came to rescue her.” Uncle Seth gave him a sly smile.

“What is the point if violence didn’t solve the problem?” Rodrick crossed his arms.

“I can see now why Ethyl is scared to leave you alone to your own devices.” Seth caste him a worried look. “How are you doing dear? You haven’t said much.”

“Oh don’t worry about me. I just got a good scare back there.” Ethyl sighed.

“Was it the judge?! Cause I could cast him into a tree if you want me too!” Rodrick grabbed her by the shoulders.

Ethyl patted his hand. “No, that is okay. I am fine. I am just not getting use to the state of this place.”

Seth and Jacobson slyly stared at the Orc as Lady Scarlet excused herself to fetch something for Ethyl.

“If she told you to cast yourself in the sea off the highest cliff, would you?” Jacobson chuckled.

Seth broke out laughing. “I wasn’t going to say anything but, that was a good one.”

Rodrick snarled at them “Of course I wouldn’t do an idiotic thing like that. I can’t swim.”

The skeleton and the uncle broke out laughing.

“What is so funny?” Ethyl turned to see her uncle crippled to the floor laughing. “Umm okay, What was the joke?”

“You never mind!” Rodrick snapped. “You are the cause of this.”

“Ah-hem” Lady Scarlet walked into the room. “If you would all like to follow me please into the study, we have important matters to discuss.”
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