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Poems of the dark siren (Me doi!)

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:47 pm    Post subject: Poems of the dark siren (Me doi!) Reply with quote

Here are a few of my poems I do hope you enjoy them since I RARELY do poems considering I suck at em somewhat when I try to make when, but yeah they just COME to me and I put pen to paper. This is rare though keep in mind. Im more of a dark artist then poetry writer n-n

This one got into my local school magazine years ago so im proud of it

The Phantom of the Shadows:

Phantom of the Shadows:
In the darkness of the night,
I fill your dreams to the brim with fright.
Nightmares make your sheets soaking wet,
I make you all cower with no regret.
My laughter echos though your ears,
Making you remember your deepest fears.
I hunt you like a cat hunts a mouse with pride,
Making you tremble, cower, retreat and hide.
Shadows surround you as you stumble and fall,
Your heartbeat quickens as you see my sillioute on the wall.
I slowly slink from the shadows, ready to strike,
You shake and shiver with fear, knowing its no use to fight.
I will always be in your thoughts,
Im the source of your fear,
When you see me coming you hopelessly wish I would disappear.
But I shall forever lurk in the shadows,
My prescense always near.....

This one was inspired by my bf Steve for when he was the blindfolded Riku I met very long ago. You can call it a Riku tribute of sorts I guess xP

Twilight Angel:

I ache whenever your gone
My heart bleeds the saddest love song
I wish to see your smiling face
To be in your arms where I feel safe.
I want to hear your heartbeat to confirm your near
So that the darkness wont cause me to fear.

I feel lost when your away
Like a lamb that has gone astray.
To hear your laugh and see your smile
Will let me know your love's no denial.
Your silver hair and aqua-green eyes
Are sacred and beautiful to me like each sunrise.
I love your darkness, I love your light.
And to have you hold me close brings me delight.

Your my twilight angel, my lover of the night
With you beside me, I shall no longer fright.
I love you dearly, I want you to see
That it is you I want to be with for all eternity...

This one was inspired by when me and my sweetie first parted ways. I was very broken hearted when I made this as you can tell.

To say goodbye:

I cant say goodbye just yet,
Dont turn on me,
Dont forget,
That we have always been together through, and through,
And that I shall forever love you.
So please dont leave me,
Please dont go,
For I shall be forever alone.
So dont turn on me,
Please dont part,
For without you I shall have an empty hollow heart.
Im meant for you, like the morning is meant for the lark,
And without you, my world will be loveless and dark.
Without you I'll have a lost unhappy love,
Hopeless and vulnerable like a wingless dying dove.
So please dont leave me as I cry:
"Im not ready to say goodbye...."

This one shows my true rage when I get angry so be warned boys and girls when you get on my badside just like my bf's tramp of an ex did; it's a very scary sight when you awaken my wrath >D

Demon of vengence:

Though my friend he cannot see
What you truely intend to be
You say your a angel and will be forever more
But my friend I see you as a little w hore

I hear his pain and worry about him during the night
When you are possibly out drinking, not coming back til the dawn's early light
You cause so much pain when you say its "Telling the truth and opening their eyes."
But now little biatch, its your turn to cry
You say when your eyes first met, you were in a trance
But I see you for what you are,
You just want to get into his pants!

If I discover that my suspecions where right.
This pretty lil demon will hunt you down withen the shadows of the night.
I will rip out your throat and tear your head off along with it.
I will mutilate your body, bend, and twist it.

I know your putting on a act for him my dear
Because if you show your true self he will leave you I fear.
You push others to take their lives
But now little biatch, this demon of insanity as has come for you.
And now its your time to die!

Welp; thats all my poems, yeah I know thats not alot but ah well least I have some poems right? View and comment. Flame however and you are going to die a long sloooow painful death involving a banana and a crowbar >_>
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