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Contest Section Rules

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:12 am    Post subject: Contest Section Rules Reply with quote

Updated December 2009.

Those of you familiar with previous versions of this section's Rules topic will be glad to know there are no major changes to the rules for this section, no "new rules" to be aware of. This is mostly a structural and organizational update.

First and foremose, your absolute ground rules for the Contests section are:

  1. All standard forum rules still apply.
    Duh! Wink

    This means:
    - No flaming, spamming, other disruptions
    - Use proper spelling and grammar! We cannot stress this enough.
    - Forgot to mention something in a post? Use the "Edit" button, friends, that's why it's there.

  2. There are to be no "adult" themed contests.

    This is really one of our standard site rules (no adult content), I'm just mentioning it separately for emphasis.

  3. One contest per topic and vice versa.
    Before creating a new contest, browse the existing, recent contest topics to make sure yours is different from someone else's nearby.

  4. Contest topics must include details within the topic itself.
    This means no posting a topic simply to advertise the URL of a contest you're hosting somewhere else (personal blogs, LiveJournal, dA, etc.), where the topic itself is really just a "please click here for more info". There is nothing wrong with hosting a contest across multiple sites! We just ask that you at least copy/paste the details and rules of your contest into this forum topic yourself. It may sound like a little more work, but this makes it much easier on everyone else.

  5. All contests must have a deadline and a set of their own rules.
    No exceptions. This is how we distinguigh between a Contest and a "request"; requests are freeform, with little to no rules of their own and everything else is left up to the users volunteering.

That's it for the rules. Next are a set of guidelines or "Key Points" to remember when you want to post a contest here. These are not "rules" per sé, but in general when you post a contest you should at least take the time to consider them:

Guideilnes for Hosting a Contest

  1. Introduction
    Rather than immediately diving into a long list of rules and a deadline, you may wish to take about 100 words to "set the stage" and introduce the contest in general.

  2. Clearly-defined Theme or Objective
    You must state in concise, crystal clear terms exactly WHAT you want people to create for your contest. Put it in its own paragraph, separated from its surroundings by double spacing. Maybe even bold it for emphasis? This is so that if somebody "tl/dr"s your topic there's no way even they can miss seeing what the contest is actually about.

  3. Rules and Criteria
    Once you've stated your overall contest theme, now you are free to provide a set of rules describing, in finer detail, what is or is not acceptable for your contest. A typical set of rules will tend to address the following questions:
    -- Can artists enter "old" art (created before your contest)? Or do you require entries to be created fresh & new?
    -- Is there a limit to how many entries a given artist can submit?
    -- Are there any limits or restrictions on Mature Content (nudity, violence, etc.)? And if so, what are they?

  4. Entry Deadline
    You need to establish a deadline for entries that is plainly visible and easy to spot at a glance. For best results you should plan to keep your contest open for at least one month before declaring a deadline. The entry deadline does not necessarily have to be measured in days, you can also set a deadline based on the # of participants or entries.

  5. What happens after that?
    Take a minute to wrap things up. How will the winners be determined? Are there any prizes involved?

Strata here: Nanowrimo - FAC - dA - FA
Disclaimer: Posts may contain URLs. Click at your own risk.
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