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A story of an old user that somehow came back

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Still very bored

Joined: 22 May 2005
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Location: Hilo, Hawaii

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:18 pm    Post subject: A story of an old user that somehow came back Reply with quote

Hello everybody, my name is Ryu_Warrior, a name I haven't heard in a long time.

If you're reading this, you're either really bored, really dedicated, or you're an admin policing through threads.

The date is now January 8th, 2020. It's been over 15 years since I've started FAC.

Forgive me for this is going to be a long post and may come off tangent...if there are still others like me still wandering around here, or maybe there's a thread similar to this one, it's open for discussion, relocation, or perhaps deletion. It doesn't matter, it's something that needs to be let out whether someone reads this or not.

Sounds like a will doesn't it? ...No? ...Yup, that got awkward.

Anyway, as many of us old users have realized, a lot has changed since then. FAC as well as our lives. Although there are some new gimmicks then and there, FAC remained a place in our hearts. Actually I owe it to FAC for taking me to an adventure I will never forget.

It started a year after I graduated high school in 2005. I was an avid fanfictionist (is that even a word? nah I wasn't any good at it anyway). I posted fanfics in a website called fanfiction.net. I was into Soul Calibur 2 at that time and one day I read an SC2 fanfic where the author created illustrations that created a visual for her fanfic. She would leave links to some website that showcased her work online. That was the very first link that clicked me into a place called Fanart Central.

At that point I decided, "hey, let's post some of my art here!"

I had already started drawing when I first discovered FAC, so as my first contribution to the website, I posted a picture of a character from Soul Calibur 2.

Cassandra, I think. Yeah, I liked her.

As I started to slowly get my feet wet, I stumbled upon the FAC forums, and nothing was ever the same again. I got involved in various threads and talked to those who had the same interests. I made friends and even messaged them through MSN and AOL. I got into a couple of contests, even created some myself and before I knew it, my gallery started to florish. I would always have to tell others that my art wasn't going to be uploaded because of a scanner problem, or because everyone wanted requests, or because my life was starting to change (an excuse for being lazy). Looking back at my art, it was obviously not great but I had so much imagination that I wish I still had. Or rather...it's dormant in my mind waiting for it to unleash...?

All that came to a stunning halt when I signed up to join the Navy. I had to leave my FAC buddies and face the world by myself. However, my imagination never left me. During times where things got slow, I always had a paper and pencil readily at hand, drawing whatever was on my mind. And then on one day, I went back to FAC just because...

At that point I decided, "hey, let's post some of my art here!"

...But I never did. I NEVER HAD A SCANNER! Are you serious?? I had all of these sketches and drawings that I'm never going to post because I don't have a frickin' scanner!?

All that changed when I bought a pen tablet and a program that came with it. With my new toy, I posted a picture of an already scanned picture of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 (because I was so into RE).

As I started to get my feet wet with my pen tablet, I stumbled upon the FAC forums and nothing was ever the same again. I got involved in various threads and showed off my new toy to everyone by opening a request thread to get in touch with old and new users alike. Looking back at my art, it was getting there but my imagination was still there. Even now I wish I had that imagination as I had before. Or rather...it's dormant in my mind waiting for it to unleash...?

After serving in the military for four years, I moved to Hawaii and went to college there. I also started dA as well, great place to submit work and to get attention, but it's not the same... College was a time where imagination is ones greatest weapon to approach anything. My art, especially, gradually got better as I was encouraged to expand my imagination. I started streaming online at a Japanese website called NicoNico Douga where Japanese viewers can watch me what I draw though my computer screen, and also a chance to practice speaking Japanese. One of the pictures that I did was for a contest that was held at the FAC forums. It wasn't great but it was still effort.

Afterwards, I received my Bachelors and graduated from college. I later found myself working to make ends meet for the next couple of years. My last visit and post from FAC was six years ago; it was the last thing to think about in my mind. The more I worked, the more I found myself away from my hopes and dreams. Most importantly, I've withered away from illustrating and my imagination...well, somehow it's still there. The only thing that was keeping my hands from that pen were countless boxes that go back and forth, used for labor instead of creativity.

At that point I decided, "hey, let's do something about this."

I saved enough money to go to Japan, where I lived for about nine years. Before I knew it, I was back to walking around the streets of Japan going to shops, traveling through train, and going to game centers to play DDR. Heck, I even dated some girls, who knew? I was happy to have returned to Japan, but yet I still have that imagination flowing through my mind just ready to be unleashed on paper.

Then I realized something, Japan has schools that teaches people how to make manga. Well, no kidding! It's Japan for crying out loud, why did it take me so long to realize that I still had what it takes to achieve my goals and dreams and it was right in front of me?? Maybe I should find my old pictures online and showcase my best ones as part of my portfolio. Got some recent ones from dA, yes, yes. Or perhaps I should go to...


And this brings us back to present. Hi there everyone? Are you all still here?

I log in again after more than six years of inactivity, I even have my profile update when I was still in college (might have to change that later on, not). This is the only place where I feel the most nostalgia no matter where I'm at in the world. I'm surprised it's still running after all those years. Yet, it's like going back to where I belong even after it's long forgotten. Spare the emotions, I'm just living at the moment here.

If any of you are still reading this (or you just scrolled down to see how long this damn post is), know that an old user has somehow came back to take a peek after all those years. He's probably going keep this vicious cycle until FAC decides to close down for good, or die of old age (being trapped in a cage with hungry tigers is a good alternate though). Years might pass by before he would show up again and he'll probably look at this post and think "what kind of idiot would post something this long?" He might even tell a story about how he still manages to come back. Whatever the case, he will be one of the many few souls who had made a mark.

So as a conclusion to this, I ask anyone who is still reading this: "Are you still here?" or rather "What brought you back here?" or even "Why are you even here?" I can forsee this not being read by anyone for a long time, or it might just disappear with this website, but that doesn't matter. I'm glad to have been a part of this community and there's nothing anybody can do to take that away.

And now I bid everyone farewell, and hope to see this again in the future if it decides to remain running.
When we both rule the world, we will be entertained by the little things.
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Very bored

Joined: 17 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome back. Smile Myself, I'm also a Fanart-central user, I haven't posted a lot here compared to Deviantart but I still post some stuff on FAC. Smile
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