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Code Geass: R3 Revolution (Rough Draft beginning)

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PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2013 5:35 pm    Post subject: Code Geass: R3 Revolution (Rough Draft beginning) Reply with quote

Chapter one- The Black Lantern plan

Approximately 5 years after the events of R2. Britain and now named "Neo-Japan" are still tense since after the war. Freedom granted be granted in an instant, but racial tension is something that takes much longer to dissolve. The tension is almost at a breaking point, perhaps close to starting another war.

"So ugh... do you think he is dead?" Asked a younger japanese man to the older person sitting near on a nearly deserted bus
"Who?" a muffled somewhat metallic voice coming from the man sitting in front of the younger man on the bus turned around. The appearance of the man startled the younger teenager. The man wore a mask that covered from his nose to his entire lower jaw. This startled the young man
"How did that happen"
"War... That is all you need to know."
"Sorry... Lelouch by the way."
A beat went by and the older man answered
"... why would you ask that"
"Well with what has been divulged to the public about Geass and code for immortality wouldn't you wonder?"
Another beat of silence.
"You are an inquisitive young man. Never lose that. This is my stop. Goodbye."
As the man got up and left the boy muttered to himself

"My Queen, I beg you, now may not be the best time to make a public appearance in Neo-Japan... they've been acting suspicious toward us lately even the Black Knights are curious." Spoke sternly a man in a long cape and faceless mask.
"Oh Kururugi" Said Nunally brushing her hair.
"Not so loud my Queen! I am still presumed dead!"
"Hm. Well you should know that I will not sit in my castle and watch the world burn. I will do anything to make a difference."
"As you wish, but how would Lelouch feel after fighting for so much to protect you?"
A long sigh came from Nunally.
"Five years ago my brother made a sacrifice to ensure peace... I will do my best to preserve his legacy!" Said Nunally in a stern voice.
"Very well. My Queen."

The man stepping out of the bus looked around for a particular house belonging to a Shunzo-Jikuro. After walking for quite a time. He found what he was looking for.
It was an old house that did not stand out nor seem inhabitable. It was located in the worst street and worst district in Neo-Japan. Various anti-Britain propaganda proliferated the fences and concrete walls of the district. The old man walked up to the door and knocked loudly.
With a little bit of creaking from the inside of this dilapidated box the door opened. A man hunched over with some sort of mask covering the upper right part of his face responded:
"Who are you?"
"Im part of an investigation of a murder that you are involved in"
"Yes, now let me inside."
The confused man stepped aside and allowed the old man to walk in. After the man was inside he started to walk past the older to his living room and the older man walked walked to the door and locked it.
"So where shall we start... Jeremiah Gottwald?" said the man in the unnerving metallic voice


"We must keep quiet"
"Why are we doing this Kallen? We know the man is clean and has nothing to do with the underground rebellion... Plus he's an important figure... We could get so fucked for this" Spoke a man wrapped in SWAT gear.
"Ugh... you are too trusting." Said Kallen displeasingly
"Yeah? Coming from the woman who was Lelouch's right hand."
"Fuck you."
After graduating from the British Academy, Kallen focused herself in preserving what Lelouch created... a peaceful world. This is not to say that there still was not in emptiness in Kallen's life. She never dated or looked for someone, but instead replaced her sense of emptiness with fulfilling duties for justice.
"On the count of three" Whispered Kallen
After placing a C4 explosive on a metal shed door.
A small explosion shocked the door enough to open it revealing illegal weapons as well as a small mobile suit.
"I knew it" Grinned Kallen
"So what do we do?"
"Arrest him for conspiring against the British Government as well as being an accessory to terrorism." Said Kallen sternly.
They set parameters toward former General Toto...
"What? I am not Jeremiah Gottwald! I am Shinj-"
The man in the mask rapidly approached Shinjo. Shinjo held a fighting stance but was quickly overpowered by the man in the lower facial mask.
"Impossible! You must be-"
"Part cyborg?" Finished the man in the lower after tossing a wounded Shinjo to the floor.
"So after Lelouch's death you hid? After being a General of the king you scramble for a dump away from your home country? No more lies Jeremiah tonight you will tell me where Lelouch is."
"But... how did you?"
"I have been looking for you for sometime. Consider it a compliment to hide from me for so long Jeremiah."
There was a beat of silence.
"Lelouch is dead!" Yelled Jeremiah
The man in the mask kicked Jeremiah on the ground repeatedly until the former general began to spat blood. The man then knelt down and looked into Jeremiah's eyes.
"Who are you"
"It doesn't matter who I am, but what I am seeking to reveal. The truth."
"Lelouch is dead."
"Then where is the body? Funny how I do not remember a viewing. In fact wasn't the body taken away during the retreat."
A silence loomed in the room.
"Also Jeremiah.. Why would you, Lelouch's right had man allow his assailant such an easy path for assassination. You didn't even try to stop him."
"But I-"
"You are a cyborg... you could have, but you didn't... Now where is he."
Jeremiah's voiced echoed through his slum of a house. The man stood up and said.
"Perhaps if the people he cares about are put in harms way he may show himself."
"Perhaps if the one that mattered from him was taken away."
The old man turned away from Jeremiah.
"And what Zero but nothing more than a man in a mask?"
The masked man reached in his pocket for a remote and pointed it at Jeremiah.
"The people will rise. The truth will come. And he will suffer."
The man walked away and pressed the button on the remote and in an instant Jeremiah's cybernetic parts exploded within him covering the room with blood.
"Pitiful loyalty."
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